Sunday, December 13, 2015

My Husband's 25th Birthday...

I started this post the day I found out I was pregnant, and I'm finally getting around to posting it 4 months later... but I wanted to document my feelings from that day so I'm just posting it way after writing it.

Today is Friday, August 14th, it is my husband's birthday, and I found out this morning that I am PREGNANT!
 Let me start from the beginning...
We got married one year, one month, and two weeks ago on June 28, 2015. In November, we decided that we were ready to start trying to have a baby. A couple of months later, I became one of those crazy people who tracks everything. Every month I would text Hannah that I just knew I was pregnant this month, and every month, my heart would break a little when the pregnancy test said "Not pregnant". In June, after talking to Mary Ellen we decided that if I still wasn't pregnant by November (one year of trying), we would look into testing and go from there. At the end of July, we went on a cruise and I just knew this would be it. When we were boarding the cruise, the sweet lady told me that they had to ask all women this question, but was I pregnant? With a lump in my throat, I told her no... I wanted to tell her that I hoped that answer would be different when we got back to Jacksonville, but I didn't want to jinx it. So at the end of baseball season last year, I had Nicole Jackson make a sweet onesie for me with a baseball that said "Daddy's Biggest Fan". It is so stinking tiny and absolutely melted my heart the very first time I saw it. Since then, I've prayed that I would be pregnant around a special occasion so it TD wouldn't get suspicious that I was giving him a present. So I looked on my Clue app yesterday and realized this cycle had been 33 days. I decided that I would take a pregnancy test this morning (TD is usually gone when I wake up), and I would wrap the onesie and give it to him tonight if I was. So I wake up at 6:20, I can hear him in the kitchen, and I decide that if it is positive, I will absolutely explode today trying to hold this secret in (I'm not good at surprises, FYI), so I go ahead and take it. The test I was using is a horizontal line for 'Not pregnant' and a cross for 'Pregnant', so I see the horizontal line, and thought "well, crap, there goes that" and sat the test down on the counter. By the time I looked again, there was a cross! I had to look and make sure that really meant 'Pregnant'. It did! I checked probably 10 times to make sure I wasn't reading it wrong, and took another test for good measure.

Of course I had imagined that I would actually be all fixed up when I told TD, but there was absolutely no way I could wait! I asked TD if he was about to leave, he said yes, I told him to please wait one second and ran into the office. I didn't have time to wrap it in a box, and I couldn't find a stupid gift bag, so I wrapped it in tissue paper and stuck it down in the same clear, plastic bag that Nicole had given it to me in and threw some tissue in it. (I didn't want to go ahead and wrap it because I thought that would jinx us) So I run back to the bedroom to get my phone (no way I'm not videoing this!), go in the kitchen (straight out of bed), and tell TD happy birthday and that I have a present for him. He asks me who it's from, and I say me, then I start videoing and he wants to know why I'm videoing him opening a birthday present, he pulls it out, and gave me the sweetest look and says "you're pregnant?" It was an absolutely precious moment, and I'm so glad I have it on video to watch forever and ever. I then text Mary Ellen the picture of the positive pregnancy test, and she tells me to come in that morning for an official test. So I do and it's positive! :) So Baby Dent is expected to arrive on April 17th! We are absolutely beside ourselves and cannot believe that the sweet baby that we have been praying for, will be here in less than 9 months!

That part is what I wrote the day that we found out, and reading it 4 months later, I can feel the same feelings I felt that day... the nervousness of taking the test, the anxiousness of waiting for it, the excitement of realizing I was really pregnant, and the joy that I felt when I told my sweet husband.

I was 4 weeks and 5 days the day that we found out. That Sunday, when I was 5 weeks, we told our immediate families and the people closest to us. To tell my family and the Wilsons, we were eating cake for TD, Whitney, and Karley's birthdays after church. I wrapped the onesie to give to him to open in front of them. Of course, we are dysfunctional, and Karley and Hayley are comparing who is taller as we are trying to open presents. So in the video that I have from telling them, you can hear them trying to decide who is taller in the beginning and absolutely nobody is paying attention to TD.

Today, I am 22 weeks and we have known for a little over 2 weeks that we are having a baby GIRL! I will finish my post about the gender reveal and post it, later, but we could not be happier! Her name will be Allyson Grace Dent (named after both of her aunts), and we will call her Ally Grace. There have been a few times before when I thought I was feeling her move, but wasn't sure if it was really her. Today is the first day that I, without a doubt, know I was feeling her. She enjoyed the choir's performance this morning at church :)

Please continue to keep us in your prayers.

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